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Give the gift of Camp to kids affected by childhood cancer

Thank you so much for visiting my Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium page. Let me tell you why this cause means so much to me.  I attended Camp Trillium with myMore...

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Give the gift of Camp to kids affected by childhood cancer

Thank you so much for visiting my Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium page. Let me tell you why this cause means so much to me. 

I attended Camp Trillium with my sister when it first began in the early 80's. My sister, Shelley, had been fighting a wilms tumor (cancer of the kidney) for quite awhile and she was in and out of hospital frequently for a year or more. During my sisters' stay at the hospital, my mom (a single parent and nurse herself), was given information by Shelley's doctor about a special summer camp being designed specifically for kids with cancer.   Curious, mom looked into this summer camp (volunteered by nursing staff and funded by donations) and she really felt it would be a good opportunity for Shelley to be around other sick kids in her situation, to do fun camp-like things, to be away from the cancer struggles for a second but to also have the relief of knowing medical volunteers were the camp counsillors. There would be a 24/7 nurses station and the hospital was not far. Siblings were invited too but I was too young to attend (5 years and up and I was only 4).  Sadly though, Shelley began to get very, very sick and sending her to camp soon became the last thing on Moms mind.  One day (according to Mom) during a visit to the hospital I was in a craft room with some therapists and was asked to draw a picture of my family.  I drew myself, my mom, some landscape and my sister in the clouds.  I was asked why Shelley was in the clouds and I quite frankly explained, "because she is in Heaven with Jesus". It had been many months since I saw my sister.  She was very close to death, very weak, and her immune system had reached its lowest point.  Medical staff wore intense PPE's when entering her room.  Every attempt was made to keep outside germs from entering her system as she would not have the strength to fight that. They kept me from her, to keep her alive.  It had been so long since I had seen Shelley, that I thought she had died. Everyone decided immediately after my gut-wrenching art work, ... "she needs to see her sister", and so....they let be with her. Then shortly after that, miraculously, after expiremental surgery (they removed her kidney)...she began to show signs of improvement!! Little by little she was getting better. Still sick and working through chemo, but eventually, when it came time to sign her up for Camp Trillium Shelley was healthy enough to go!   The Camp officials also wanted to make a wee exception and extended an invite for me to go also!! They thought it would be largely beneficial for us (mom included) to have this 2 week breather. A change of scenery. To escape the realities for just a little bit.  For us sisters, to experience it together. 

And so, the Camp Trillium days began for Shelley and I,  and continued every summer (then also winter camp) for the next 10+ years.  It started with 25 campers in a small village on the outskirts of London (Circle R Ranch) and very quickly became a province-wide camp for kids affected by cancer and continues to bring smiles to faces today.

Every year, I look forward to supporting this life-changing Camp (last year you may remember I participated in the CampOut for Cancer fundraiser and YOU helped me raise $750!!!!). This year, I'm hoping to give just over double that amount ...$1500 and I KNOW I can do it with your help.  For them. For those kids. For their parents/caregivers.  Because I know what they're going through and I know they need this. 

My cancer survivor, legend of a sister is joining me in my (personally custom-made!!) event this "Kayak for Camp Trillium" down Big Otter Creek from Vienna, ON to Port Burwell ON.  I have visions of custom tank tops, a picnic rest stop, some sketchy portage moments...and lots and lots of laughs... all captured on film to share with you.  

Please help me give the Magic of Camp and consider making a donation in support.  You will be making a huge impact on the life of children affected by cancer, and their families. Browse the Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium website for lots of history, milestones, testimonies and smiling kids. 

Also!  Watch for my personal Camp Trillium tributes to be shared on my Facebook page, along with this pledge post, for the next several weeks.

A Big Otter Kayak Adventure with my Big Sister ♡

June 26th, 2021

Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium gives kids and families affected by childhood cancer the chance to just be kids

Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium is a year-round social support system for kids and families affected by childhood cancer. Your donations will help us bring the healing power of fun, friendship and self-confidence to kids wherever they are in their cancer journey; from hospital beds and waiting rooms, to campfires and overnight canoe trips and more. Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium changes the lives of over 2,000 kids affected by childhood cancer every single year, at no cost to their families. But almost 80% of kids with cancer in Ontario don’t have access to the wonders of Camp.
Together, we can help change that. Your generous support will help to build more friendships, connect more families, and create more joy for kids affected by childhood cancer in communities across Ontario.
Thank you for being an important part of the Magic of Camp.

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