Week Three Challenge: Ready, Set, Games!

Looking for inspiration as you plan your own CampOut adventure?  Look no further!  Below is a list of activities, games, and even CampOut challenges that you can do yourself in the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, all along the theme of "Ready, Set, Games". We know our CampOut crowd is a creative and competitive bunch, never ones to turn down a game or two—whether you’re throwing darts on a lawn, dusting off the checkers set, tossing a frisbee around, or having the world’s most scenic game of hide and seek! Here are some ideas to keep you motivated this week:

Ready, Set, Games Activities
- Card game tournament
- Dance contest
- Trivia night
- Paper airplane distance toss
- Charades Click here to download
- Board game party
- Pillow and blanket fort building Click here to download
- Pie In The Face
- Issue your own challenge to friends and family (Consider challenging a friend to a virtual dance off or challenge a friend to join your CampOut team or create their own!)