Frequently Asked Questions

What is CampOut for Cancer?
CampOut for Cancer is a month-long challenge to create your own camping experience at home and raise funds for Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium.

Why should I fundraise for Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium?
CampOut for Cancer raises vital funds for Ooch & Trillium. Year-round community, in-hospital, and overnight camp programs across Ontario provide fun, friendship, and a sense of community at any stage of a child’s cancer journey. Childhood cancer affects thousands of kids and families in Ontario, and even today, our program specialists are reaching out virtually to isolated young patients in the hospital, and continuing their vital (and virtual) connections with Campers and their families at home. Soon, we will be back together. Kids with cancer still need the chance to just be kids—they still need camp. Amazing people like you can still make the Magic of Camp happen—now’s our chance to prove it.

Will there still be camp programs happening this year?
Yes! We are more than a summer camp. Our programs run year round all across the province. We’re focused on meeting our Campers’ needs during this pandemic by delivering virtual camp programs that reach children in hospitals, or families at home—until it’s safe to be together again. Virtual programs are taking place all through summer 2020! There are 1,800 children and 745 families who rely on us every day to brighten their world—and that’s only a fraction of the 4,200 kids across the province affected by cancer.

How is CampOut different from virtual programming?
Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium programs, whether virtual or in-person, are offered exclusively for kids and families affected by childhood cancer in Ontario. CampOut for Cancer is a unique virtual event and is open to everyone! 

Ooch & Trillium programs take place throughout the entire year, while CampOut for Cancer will take place only during the month of August. Regular camp programming for kids and families will continue, parallel to the CampOut challenge, during the month of August.

How much is it to register?
Signing up to be a CampOut Camper is completely free!

How much are we required to fundraise?
There is no minimum fundraising amount for this event. Keep checking back on this page as we approach the start of the month-long challenge—because there might be a chance for fundraisers to win cool CampOut prizes!

Who can be a CampOut Camper?
This unique virtual event is open to everyone! Whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors, a lover of Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium, or simply a Camper at heart, you can sign up on your own or with a team of friends or family. 

Where does a CampOut take place?
Anywhere! From a fort made out of couch cushions in the living room or a tent sleepover in the backyard, to a virtual sing-a-long, CampOut can happen wherever you are.

Do we have to participate in all of the challenges?
Nope! At camp, we like to say “challenge by choice”—and that mantra applies to CampOut. All activities and challenges (including fundraising) are completely optional.