Giving kids with cancer what they needthe chance to be kids!

A diagnosis of childhood cancer is a big, scary, sudden swerve in the road. It changes life in an instant.

While more kids are surviving cancer, the journey to recovery is traumatic—for the child and every member of their family. It can feel like everything is about cancer. Simple joys like friendships, birthday parties, or sports teams are left behind in the need for medical appointments, hospital stays, and long absences from school.

For over 35 years, Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium have offered a different path—where the healing power of fun, friendship, and self-confidence are closer than the kids and families could ever imagine.

Safety is our number one camp priority. As a response to COVID-19, we have completely transformed all in-person camp programming into virtual camp!

Virtual programs are designed to reach kids and families wherever they are, keeping everyone at home and physically distanced from one another until it’s safe to be together again. This includes our staff and volunteers, and is especially important as so many of our Campers are immune-compromised. 

To learn more about virtual camp, click here

“When your child has cancer, there is so much you can’t control: his treatments, testing, or prognosis. The one thing I can influence is his happiness. Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium is a trusted partner in making him happy. It’s so important to his recovery.” —Erin, Ooch parent