Week One Challenge: Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

Looking for inspiration as you plan your own CampOut adventure?  Look no further!  Below is a list of activities, games, and even CampOut challenges that you can do yourself all along the theme of "Enjoy The Great Outdoors".  There's a big old world out there and we want to see our CampOut Campers out there enjoying it!

Outdoor Activity Ideas
- Neighbourhood walk
- Backyard scavenger hunt Click here to download the CampOut scavenger hunt activity!
- Polar bear dip (Hint: a polar bear dip is when you go for a swim first thing in the morning!)
- Wildlife spotting
- Trip to the park
- Rock climbing 
- Water balloon games 
- Forest bathing
- Camping trip (A camping trip doesn't mean you have to go far—a nearby park or even your backyard or patio will work!)
- Lawn games
- Beach day 
- Nature hike